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Mini Cherry Pies

Mini Cherry PiesCherry Pie is often regarded as a "great American dessert." It figures prominently in the traditional American table, especially during summer when cherries are abundant, because of its sweet and tart taste. Here is a quick and easy recipe for Mini Cherry Pie using store-bought pie dough and canned cherries. The fresh raspberries add extraordinary flavor while the miniature size makes these treats even more adorable.

2 package(s) (15-ounce) Pillsbury Pie Crusts
3 cup(s) canned, drained tart cherries
1 cup(s) fresh raspberries
1 1/4 cup(s) sugar
teaspoon(s) vanilla
1/4 teaspoon(s) cinnamon
1/4 cup(s) cornstarch
1/8 teaspoon(s) salt
5 teaspoon(s) cold butter, divided


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cut eight 6-inch circles from the two packages of Pillsbury Pie Crusts. Fit five 4 1/2-inch mini pie pans with 5 dough rounds. Cut 2 1/4-inch stars from center of remaining 3 dough rounds; set aside.
  • Combine cherries with raspberries; then stir in sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, cornstarch, and salt.
  • Pour filling into prepared pie pans; dot each pie with 1 teaspoon cold butter. Cover 3 pies with reserved dough circles; crimp edges. Top remaining 2 pies with star cutouts (for perfect stars, bake separately on a parchment-lined pan until golden, 5 to 8 minutes). Bake pies until filling is bubbling, 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Serve with whipped cream or ice cream (optional).



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